Stands for Acoustics

Ecosound Acoustic Stand XL Using supports for acoustic monitors Acoustic Stand XL you can spend much less time on small mastering in the recorded material, as i..
Ecosound Acoustic Stand Wood The unique assembly system allows you to without problems the dynamic range of the path to the highest level of quality. Unlike its..
Ecosound Acoustic Stand Pro Acoustic Stand Pro are made of environmentally friendly materials and have a high level of absorption of sound waves, when correctly..
Ecosound Acoustic Stand Supports for acoustic monitors Acoustic Stand - stands are a versatile assistant for each experienced sound engineer. The unique structu..
Ecosound Professional Wood Mini Stands for acoustics help to avoid distortion of the sound of music or speech from the studio monitor. Stands for acoustic monit..
Ecosound Professional Wood Stands for acoustics help to avoid distortion of the sound of music or speech from the studio monitor. Stands for acoustic monitors s..
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Stands for Acoustics

Stands and racks for studio monitors

Building an optimal listening environment is crucial. Proper studio monitor placement is essential for creating mixes that translate on different speaker systems. Placing your studio monitors at an optimal position also improves your monitoring accuracy and listening environment. Conversely, incorrect studio monitor placement will cause various problems which leads to lousy mixing decisions. Placing studio monitors directly on your studio desk or console can cause several problems. For example, sound waves that reflect off surfaces will not give you a clear and balanced stereo image. Studio monitors also transmit their vibrations to surrounding surfaces which can produce unwanted noise. Moreover, setting your studio monitors on a desk may place them below ear level, which is not an ideal listening position.

Why is studio monitor isolation so important?

Studio monitor stands are important for several reasons. They decouple your monitors from surfaces, places them at an optimal listening position, and improves their performance. As a result, your monitoring accuracy will improve, mixes sound clearer, bass becomes tighter, and the overall imaging is enhanced. They can also make your studio more aesthetically pleasing and professional looking.

Types of studio stands

  • Floor stands
  • Desktop stands
  • Isolation pads

Floor stands decouple your studio monitors from any surface. They provide better monitoring accuracy and isolation than other studio monitor stands. In addition, floor stands offer a variety of styles, material, and options. Some floor stands also have fixed heights while others offer adjustable heights and tilt angles.

Desktop stands are compact stands that position and isolate studio monitors on desks or consoles. They help reduce surface reflections and vibrations. Some stands have fixed heights while others offer adjustable heights and tilt angles.

Isolation pads are high-density foam or rubber stands that lift your studio monitors off desktop and console surfaces. They provide a cushion that reduces surface vibrations and reflections. Isolation pads are also the most simplistic and cost-effective studio monitor stand.

Weight and dimensions of the monitor stand

Buying a monitor stand without first checking its weight is not a smart decision. Using monitors that are heavier than the stands can support, may cause them not only to flex, but they could also be more likely to tip over. Studio monitor stands vary in size based on your needs. Most studio monitor stands have a fixed width so that they can only support a particular dimension of the monitor. However, some designs have extendable brackets which increase the range of monitors compatible with the stands.


Both the upper and the lower bases matter when it comes to stability. Many stands have rubber feet, wheels and leveling carpet spikes which makes them quite flexible. The size of the upper base matters as well. The stands can support the weight of the monitor, but if the top base is too large, it will make the stand unstable and shaky. Thus, it is wiser to pick a stand with a lightweight upper base if necessary.


When it comes to the lifespan of a studio monitor stand, it all depends on how they’re used and taken care of. Other small factors, such as their material, is also worth considering. Generally, studio monitor stand can last up to ten years

Buy stands and racks for studio monitors in Musician.UA

When buying stands you should consider such aspects as: price, construction stability, workmanship, portability, as well as the size and weight of your studio monitors. Our sales assistants will help you make the right choice. An online consultation is also possible. You can buy stands and racks for acoustic monitors in our stores. It is also possible to place an order in the online shop. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will be able to choose for themselves a product that is suitable in terms of characteristics and cost. We care about the quality of service and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.